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Gale Monitor Series

Mini Monitors Gold Monitors
Mini Monitors  Gold Monitors
Silver MonitorsSatellite 10
Silver Monitors  Satellite 10
Sub 5Sub 6
Sub 5  Sub 6
Sub 10 Storm 8
Sub 10  Storm 8
Storm 10 Centre 10
Storm 10  Centre 10
Centre 20 GA650 ceiling speaker
Centre 20  GA650 ceiling speaker

Proudly developed in the UK, Gale's hugely successful Monitor Series provides the perfect entry point into quality hi-fi and home cinema speakers.

The stylish, compact designs embrace extremely competitive pricing, yet still give exceptional performance. And with the entire line-up recently enjoying a significant overhaul, it now offers even better value for money.

Gale Monitor Series Loudspeakers


MiniGold Silver
 Satellite 10  

Sub Woofer:

Sub 5 Sub6Sub10
 Storm 8Storm 10 


Centre 10Centre 20 

Ceiling Mounted Speaker